2019-06-27 Live Training Call

2019-06-27 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How might a bogus Buyer record end up in a buyer’s list in the Investment Dominator  – 3:25
  • Why does the Investment Dominator NOT process all records selected for import  – 7:00
  • What are the most cost effective Skip Tracing services available – 13:45
  • What is the most efficient way to organize 2nd Offer records  in the Investment Dominator – 19:15
  • How to re-import corrected prospect records in the Investment Dominator – 22:55
  • How to consistently reach a target number of Neutral Letter records being mailed out weekly  – 28:55
  • How to Freeze the top row of  column headers in Excel – 32:35
  • Is it advisable to mail Neutral Letters to LLCs, Churches, Trusts etc. – 37:05
  • How to customize a Cover Letter or Sales Agreement in the Investment Dominator – 39:55
  • How to remove the Sell Your House option from the Buying Site in Investment Dominator – 51:10
  • How to modify the Banner on the Buying Site in the Investment Dominator – 55:45



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