2019-06-24 Live Training Call

2019-06-24 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to receive additional Help/Support on Investment Dominator related  issues – 3:10
  • How to determine which users signed into your Investment Dominator account  – 8:25
  • How can you determine the activity of a specific user in the Investment Dominator – 12:20
  • How to handle a Buyer’s Lead with erroneous information in the Investment Dominator – 14:55
  • Insight into Property Analysis with and without comps – 19:20
  • Other than Zillow what are other real estate sites used for pulling comparable figures  – 24:05
  • How to handle County Website Map issues – 27:05
  • Where to store parcel information regarding Flood Zones in the Investment Dominator – 37:00
  • How to execute the Undo function in the Investment Dominator – 40:25
  • How to process imported records from within Investment Dominator  in phases for the Mailing House – 47:20
  • How to best manage/update the appropriate record status of imported records – 54:10



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