2019-06-20 Live Training Call

2019-06-20 Featured Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • 3 new sections added in Website Settings for CSS coders in the Investment Dominator – 2:50
  • What’s NEW in Twitter relating to the Investment Dominator  – 6:30
  • What is the best method to organize links and copies of comparable information in the Investment Dominator – 9:30
  • How to delete all records from the last Import into the Investment Dominator – 14:35
  • Why not utilize the Delete function in the Activity Log associated with the last import – 18:10
  • Where to locate the range of numbers in the Activity Log for deletion of records from the last Import into Investment Dominator – 22:30
  • Since there are only 11 required fields for an Import in a .CSV file, why do some Import files contain additional fields  – 26:00
  • If the Company field is required how to deal with a property in the actual owner’s name – 32:25
  • How to execute the Merge function in the Investment Dominator – 36:20
  • If the Owner’s First Name and Last Name are populated on an offer request, is it ever necessary to  duplicate these fields in the import data – 42:30
  • How to best utilize the Listing Short and Listing Long descriptions to market property – 48:55



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