2019-06-13 Live Training Call

2019-06-13 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to put in a Help Ticket or Suggest a Feature with Investment Dominator Support – 4:00
  • What is the most efficient way to work Offer Requests in the Investment Dominator  – 6:25
  • How to change the color of Signatures for letters in the Investment Dominator – 10:25
  • How to customize and create envelope templates in the Investment Dominator – 15:40
  • How to select and print multiple Offer Requests simultaneously from within the Investment Dominator – 27:40
  • How to process Offer Requests when one owner has multiple properties – 32:30
  • When owners with multiple properties request offers, should all offers be sent in one envelope  – 34:40
  • How to generate traffic to your selling site in the Investment Dominator  – 36:50
  • How to have reference #s on envelopes print on the lower left side from Letterprinting.net – 41:25
  • How to Import a contact list directly  into in the Investment Dominator – 44:40
  • What significance does the TYPE field hold in both the Buyer’s Contact and Prospect’s Import files within Investment Dominator – 51:05
  • How to analyze and test a County to determine if you continue to prospect there  – 54:50



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