2019-05-16 Live Training Call

2019-05-16 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to disable the OPTIN page in the Investment Dominator – 6:20
  • How to create a property listing in the Investment Dominator – 11:10
  • Use of the Carrot (3rd Party) system for websites within the Investment Dominator – 17:50
  • How to import records where owners have multiple parcels for sale – 20:30
  • How to DELETE the records from your last data IMPORT – 26:15
  • Will pressing DELETE in the Activity Log delete the imported records in Investment Dominator – 28:15
  • How to differentiate uploaded data lists in the Investment Dominator – 32:00
  • To differentiate data lists uploaded can a specific record range be set in Investment Dominator   – 37:10
  • Can data lists uploaded in the Investment Dominator be categorized using Tags – 38:30
  • How to change the Signature fonts in Investment Dominator – 40:50
  • Can we modify the size of the Signature font in the Investment Dominator  – 43:45
  • Can additional Custom Signature fonts be added in the Investment Dominator – 44:25
  • What is a featured image vs a public image in the Investment Dominator – 45:45
  • Why all pictures on a land record do not show on listings generated out of Investment Dominator  – 48:00
  • When does Investment Dominator send the notification emails – 51:50
  • How to acquire an SSL for Buying and Selling Sites in the Investment Dominator – 54:30



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