2019-05-13 Live Training Call

2019-05-13 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to set up our Buyer Site to generate email notifications from Investment Dominator – 3:30
  • How to be notified when a Buyer or Seller enters a request in Investment Dominator – 9:50
  • How to receive emails for offer requests from within Investment Dominator – 12:40
  • How to remove a Property Listing from your Selling Site – 17:09
  • How to process multiple records from the same person with unique APN #s – 20:35
  • How to handle multiple offer requests from the same seller in Investment Dominator – 25:05
  • How to use the Set Offer and Option Amounts function in the Investment Dominator – 32:30
  • How to display each Land Record’s Description information without using EDIT in the Investment Dominator  – 38:10
  • Is pressing the Update Record button always required in the Investment Dominator  – 40:10
  • Can the Investment Dominator stop moving back to the top of a Land Record after pressing Update Record – 41:45
  • How to calculate the Offer Price on a property – 43:15
  • Can we modify the Min/Max amounts in the Investment Dominator  – 46:15
  • When to use the Net Offer MIN/Net Offer MAX fields in calculating the Offer Price on property – 56:20
  • How to handle owners who live outside of the United States  – 58:20



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