2019-04-22 Live Training Call

2019-04-22 Feature Page

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What are the correct steps for obtaining an SSL Certificate for a website  – 0:00
  • Is an SSL Certificate required for our Land Websites – 4:20
  • Is the Pat Live Rep using an Offer request in the Investment Dominator  – 5:55
  • How to Merge fields to customize Offer Letters in the Investment Dominator – 7:40
  • What is the rationale for merging additional fields on Offer letters – 18:10
  • Why does the Investment Dominator system use Thumb Nail images in photos – 20:15
  • How to produce Neighbor Letters out of the Investment Dominator – 23:40
  • Will Investment Dominator leave a space if NO second owner exist on the Offer letter – 29:30
  • How extensive should negotiation conversations be with Sellers on the phone – 34:50
  • How to customize the PDF Neutral Letter Envelope – 39:30
  • How to reload Default print settings for the Neutral Letter Envelope – 45:10
  • How to prevent the incorrect printing of the Owner Reference # on the Neutral Letter Envelopes – 48:10



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