2019-04-15 Live Training Call


On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to Suggest A New Feature to the Investment Dominator Development Staff – 7:40
  • Can the search by Status selection be moved up on the list of criteria when searching for records – 9:00
  • Are step by step module lessons available for learning all of the Investment Dominator functionality – 10:25
  • How to communicate New Deals to all buyers on my Investment Dominator buyers’ list – 12:55
  • Where are the Investment Dominator Q&A calls recorded for review – 19:00
  • How to change the size of the signature fonts in Investment Dominator – 20:25
  • Can a personal signature font be added in the Investment Dominator for use – 23:40
  • When should the Property Listing fields Listing Short Description and Listing Long Description be utilized – 25:25
  • How Pat Live (Call Center Reps) place sellers’ responses to the neutral letter into the Investment Dominator – 34:50
  • How to customize offer letters when sending to a mail house for distribution – 38:25
  • How to Integrate the Pat Live Call Center with Investment Dominator – 43:55
  • How to go directly from Investment Dominator into Zillow or Trulia for comps – 46:00
  • How to have Offer Requests appear in the order received in Investment Dominator – 50:15
  • What affect will changing the domain name of the Buying site have on buyers  – 58:00



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