2019-04-11 Live Training Call


On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to identify/delete all the records from your latest Import from the system and delete only those records – 04:00
  • When importing a list is there a place for name of owner #2 – 11:00
  • What is the Required Fields format necessary for Investment Dominator to upload County Data – 13:00
  • Viewing the Activity Log can a user just press “Delete” associated with the last Import transaction – 17:00
  • Is it necessary to list a different phone number for each Craigslist account – 20:20
  • How to save time/effort printing letters, stuffing envelopes and mailing letters – 22:45
  • How to handle a Previous Owner’s offer request from the legacy AGENTPRO era – 39:00
  • What is the best way to put your signature in a custom document for offer (sale agreement) – 41:30
  • Customizing envelope, (size) using Letterprinting.net for sending out offers – 45:30
  • How to Edit a Land Record in Investment Dominator  – 50:30
  • How to determine what is acceptable with TLO if you have a Regus Office for skip tracing activity – 53:25
  • Can we use Call Rail for Craigslist phone verification – 57:00
  • Where to find the Weekly Investment Dominator Q&A recordings – 59:15



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