2019-04-08 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • What is the difference between Monday and Thursday calls – 8:00
  • How to maximize the use of the Buyer’s List – 8:40
  • How to customize the Jack’s Offer letter – make minor changes  – 13:30
  • How to search for Articles in the user guide and pull text to customize documents – 20:40
  • How to manage an entire tax assessor roll of data from a large county, how to parse data – 22:40
  • How to search for subjects in our on-line User-Guide – 27:00
  • How to adjust the Date(s) on a customized document 35:15
  • Where is the site for user(s) to review helpful tips about the Investment Dominator 37:45
  • How to find a VA (Virtual Assistant) – 40:00
  • What is the best method to Skip Trace – 45:00
  • Is it good for our Company Name to be listed in the Site Title field for both the buying and selling sites – 53:10
  • Understanding Line Span for creation of verification codes – 55:20
  • Is there any Help Guide for the Google Incognito mode – 1:01:40
  • How to locate/view the Weekly Live Q&A Training Calls – 1:03:35



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