2019-04-04 Live Training Call

On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How do we edit the Listings page when we have no properties to list – 7:00
  • How many pictures can be used in any one listing – 14:00
  • How do I generate the Net to Seller amount on a custom document – 16:00
  • What are the guidelines for determining vacant land comps – 22:00
  • What to do after selecting records and Generating Documents when the order of envelopes vs letters do not match – 30:00
  • Why is there a blank line for the owner information (Seller) on the Offer request – 33:00
  • How to change the notification email address for the selling site – 37:00
  • What happens when we have a signed contract (from Seller) and they change their mind and won’t proceed with closing – 40:00
  • Which value is best to use when doing Land Analysis – County Assessed Value or County Appraised Value – 42:00
  • When updating a land record can we prevent Investment Dominator from popping back up to the top of the page – 45:00
  • What needs to happen if website pages still show as Not Secure – 46:00
  • When will the Loan Servicing feature be implemented in Investment Dominator – 50:00
  • Is there any update on when Investment Dominator will provide access to County lists – 54:00
  • Will Owner Financing be supported in Investment Dominator – 56:00
  • Will Investment Dominator display a total # of records at the bottom of the page (i.e. not just page 2 of 5 etc.) – 58:00



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