2017-04-24 Live Training Call


On this live training call, we discussed…

  • How to create custom website pages
  • How to add an image to your custom page
  • How to create a custom blog for your website with a brief description and a read more link
  • How to add your custom page to your website menu
  • How to add blog posts/ articles to your custom blog
  • How to create a dynamic merge post page that pulls from your contact, land, or house data based on the status of a record.

We also opened the call up for Q&As and answered questions about…

  • How to change the offer/option expiration date on your contracts
  • How to post your property on SunnyLand.com
  • How to view your Help Ticket History
  • How to change our default letter/contract templates
  • How to add a logo to your letters or contract templates
  • How to attend our next Investment Dominator Live Workshop



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